How to Wear indian saree ?

How to Wear ethnic indian saree

How to Wear indian saree


Wearing an Indian saree is an art in itself, and there are many different ways to drape a saree depending on the region, occasion, and personal preference. Here is a basic step-by-step guide on how to wear a saree in the popular Nivi style, which is common across India

You will need:

  1. Saree
  2. fitted blouse (matching or contrasting)
  3. Petticoat (skirt)
  4. Safety pins
  5. Decorative pin or brooch (optional)
  6. Well-fitted bra for added support

Wearing an Indian saree Steps:

  • Select the Right Saree: Choose a saree of your choice, keeping in mind the occasion and your personal style. Sarees come in various fabrics, colors, and designs.
  • Prepare the Blouse and Petticoat: Wear the fitted blouse and secure it properly. The length of the blouse should be such that it ends just below your bust, leaving a small part of your midriff exposed. Put on the petticoat, ensuring it sits on your waist. The petticoat should match the saree or be in a coordinating color.
  • Tuck the Saree: Begin by tucking the non-decorative end of the saree into the right side of the petticoat. Start from the right hip and make one complete turn around your body, tucking the saree into the petticoat.
  • Pleat the Saree: Create pleats by folding the saree in a way that it forms even, 5-6 inch wide pleats. Ensure that the pleats are neatly aligned and fall straight.
  • Arrange the Pleats:Once you have the pleats, hold them together and make sure they are even and neat. The pleats should open to the left.
  • Tuck the Pleats:Tuck the pleats into the petticoat, slightly to the left of your navel. Make sure they are secure and not too tight.
  • Drape the Pallu:The remaining portion of the saree is the pallu. Take the pallu and drape it over your left shoulder, allowing it to fall gracefully over your arm. You can adjust the length of the pallu as per your preference.
  • Secure with a Pin:Use safety pins to secure the pallu to your blouse, ensuring it stays in place.
  • Final Adjustments:Make any final adjustments to ensure that the saree is draped neatly and comfortably. Check that the pleats are even, the pallu is securely pinned, and the saree sits well on your petticoat.
  • Accessorize:To complete the look, you can accessorize with bangles, a bindi, earrings, a decorative pin or brooch for the pallu, and footwear that complements the saree.

Remember that practice makes perfect when it comes to draping a saree, and it may take some time to get it just right. You can also explore different draping styles to find the one that suits you best.

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